I’ve written about my wok before but here it is again preforming in my new Oregon kitchen. All that black crud you see is evidence of a well seasoned vessel, which is a must if you’re serious about good Chinese cooking.

Town Food Service 16 Inch Steel Cantonese Style Wok

Short history

  • Best friend gave it to me for a birthday present, then got mad at me because my wok was bigger than her wok.
  • James used it during a Dinner Party and “well meaning” guests scrubbed it glistening clean. Had to re-season.

Now here it is in Oregon, with finally enough room and ventilation. Jim created this recipe when I was in Wisconsin with my mother. Once I returned home he found the time to recall it from his memory banks and prepare it for me. Once I extolled the magnificence of the dish he dedicated it to paper and will now share it with you.  Dinner was delicious!!! Enjoy.

Here is the link to the post with the recipe:

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