Highlands Ranch Resort, Lassen Volcanic National Resort

Sorry for the long time away. Covid-19 and other issues kept us away, but now we’re back and looking forward to sharing all kinds of observations, recipes,  and experiences.

We just came home from a spectacular time in Lassen Volcanic National Park. It’s like a mini Yellowstone. Every bit as satisfying as Yellowstone without the crush of tourists, bad accommodations, and lousy food. As you all know, we’re hikers and the trails in Lassen are great, there are plenty of trails for expert climbers, walks for beginners, and everything in between. Up until recently Lassen was the least visited National Park. Tisk Tisk, we thought it was the most charming. What could be better? Volcanic, bubbling mud, steam vents, and don’t walk off the path because your feet will melt.

We stayed at Highlands Ranch Resort located near the Park and loved every minute of it. Every once and awhile you run across an establishment that  has the most competent and happy staff you could hope to imagine, well then, we had that experience at Highlands.


The first day we decided on an early dinner and who happened to be our waiter, Worth Wilsey. Cool name, huh? We have been waited on by thousands of waiters and waitresses, old experienced dudes in NYC, sophisticated Europeans, etc. But none of them will ever compare to Worth. He is smart as a whip, witty, and beguiling, and he’s a mere 20 years old. Watch this man/boy, he’s going to go far.

The food at Highlands is beyond superb. I ordered a hamburger and fries for lunch and have never, in my life, had better. The burger was more a tenderized steak than ground beef and it melted in my mouth. The French fries had to be double fried, the ONLY way to have fries. We make them this way at home but have never stumbled across them outside our kitchen. Breakfast was also stunning, everything was fresh, we admire the chef; it is a difficult balance when your kitchen is in the middle of a national park.

Also have to give kudos to Innkeeper Marisa Hayes. Highlands has  immaculate chalets and grounds. She is a competent manager and maintains a happy crew.  How can a guest not be happy when one is surrounded by a competent happy staff? Impossible!

I might add the delivery of a Bloody Mary Basket to our room in the evening was a great treat. Cute wicker basket chuck full of everything one needs to create the ultimate cocktail.


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