Harry Barker (The Dog)

I was adopted several days ago by the Kirkleys. Wow my life has changed, the Portland Humane Society busted up a “Pet Hoarders” situation and I was one of a large number of abused animals.  Most of my life has been on a chain. The Humane Society really doesn’t know for sure my history, it’s all conjecture, but they took very good care of me and they gave me a name. Wow, look at me, nine years on a chain and now I have a name (Puddin!) Many people came to adopt me but didn’t fill the bill due my history. From the standpoint of the Humane Society the Kirkleys were a good match. After many phone interviews the Kirkleys were allowed to see me. They drove from Medford OR to Portland OR about 250 miles and I was adopted within just a few days.

So here I am in southern Oregon. I came here by car, I’d never been in a car before. I looked out the window the whole time, I didn’t know what I was seeing but I loved the sights. I don’t know words either but I’m learning. I don’t bark, don’t know how.  I do know that I should do my business outside and have not had one accident in the house. I had a bath, which I’d never had before but I really liked it. The groomer had to shampoo me three times to get me clean. OK bring it on groomer I’ll stand still all day long and love a bath. I’m learning to walk on a leash, don’t like the leash and I don’t like not being allowed to run around, like a psycho dog. I do have a yard which I love, I can go outside any time I want. Mr. Kirkley makes me homemade food, he’s a good cook. Mr. Kirkley went to all of his dog friends and asked for recipes, I’m currently eating brown rice, vegetables, and beef. Mrs. Kirkley is the disciplinary, she enforces rules but also doles out a lot of love and petting.

OK so now the name. I had the name “Puddin” given to me by Portland Humane Society but Mrs. Kirkley didn’t like it. Now I’m “Harry Barker,” I like it. Mrs. Kirkley will raise her voice and say Harry! and I know immediately that I need to pay attention. I know I’m a girl and Harry isn’t a girls name but I still like it a lot.

I repaid the Kirkleys today for all their kindness. I unloaded a whole roll of toilet paper all over the bathroom. I made it look like billowy clouds!!!

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