Hike – Mills Creek Falls, Oregon

James came down for the weekend. With James a weekend is defined by when he wakes up in on Saturday in Portland, which is 273.1 miles or 4 hours and 44 minutes away, from our home. He leaves his apartment at 11:00 or noon, stops for “breakfast” and arrives by 5:00. Than leaves at mid-day on Sunday so he’s home to spend evening with friends. So in actuality we get to spend a day with him. There’s real time and than there’s James’ time.


None of this matters. We did a nice hike called Mills Creek Falls. There were not many people about since it was really early. We wanted to beat the heat, so we had most the the hike to ourselves. Nice and quiet, good for talking, which is what we do on the trail. The only time we couldn’t talk was when the sound from spectacular falls made too much noise. It was a great hike, about 4 miles. Perhaps not good for children since the trail is extremely narrow, and no obstacles between you and raging water many feet below, if one should stumble and fall, yikes!!! Very steep!


I had a couple of rough moments over huge boulders since surface was slippery and my legs are short. Thankfully James and Jim were there with a helpful hand.

This is where the going got tough: Avenue of the Boulders

Avenue of Giant Boulders
Mills Creek Falls


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