A Trip to AT&T

I know most of you are cringing and are waiting for some horrific story. But nah, nah, nah. Sorry to deny you. This happened today.

Learnings: occasionally (best during lunch because they are less busy) drop in to a store to check with your mobile phone provider.  You might be able to get a better plan for less money.

Here’s the situation, Jim’s sister and family live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For about a year now, every time we try to call her AT&T gives us this message that this option is no longer apart of the service. Now wait a minute, we’ve always been able to do this, what’s different now?

We’ve tried to take care of this earlier but usually AT&T facilities are very busy places and Jim is not long on patience. Today I caught him in a weak moment. We just came out of REI where he had found a perfect fleece pullover so was feeling good. I thought OK he’s a little vulnerable right now and AT&T is so close, now it’s time to strike.

It was right before official lunch time the AT&T store was quiet, calm before the storm, so to speak. Neal and Ella came to help us. We described the situation and the two of them set about fixing the problem. As they where going through the years of revisions to plans, contracts, and complex documents, they came upon reasons why we were no longer had access to Canada and Mexico. Neal also explained how AT&T has worked hard to simplify plans. Neal explained how we could keep our “unlimited data” while AT&T could give us a better plan for less money.

Walked a way with new plan at a great savings and just got off the phone to my sister-in-law in Canada. Can’t say enough wonderful good things about Neal & Ella, AT&T employees. Very knowledgeable, hard-working, personable, and genuinely nice people. AT&T is a good carrier and we’re glad to see they’re employing a great staff.

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