The Laundromat in Bathing Suits – Seventh Scotland Blog

So much for me feeling smarter than the rest of the world. This has always been a flaw of mine. So I do all of this research on Scotland, where to go, where to stay, what to eat, where to hike, and what to wear. Ahaa, what to wear, there’s the rub.

We’re going to Scotland in August. The travel sites instruct me to bring wool sweaters, water-proof coats, woolen hats, gloves (mittens,) and long pants also water-proof. So I’m thinking come on, Scotland it’s August. What do I do? I pack cotton sweaters, water-resistant coats, baseball caps, no mittens, and shorts.

We froze our asses off! See picture above of Jim and James trying not to get blown off the top of Lach Nagar.

Our other strategy was to pack only one big suitcase. Really dumb, we would run out of clothes every three days, no matter how conservative we were. Height of our shame is when we went to the Launder-mat in our coats and bathing suits.

Sorry, no image here. Too ashamed to huddle up with goose-bumpy blue bodies. Oh and chattering teeth.

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