Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market

Went to market this morning, it was still smokey but not as bad as yesterday.  I shouldn’t complain, Oregon is having the same issues with Wild Fires as the rest of the West Coast. We arrived on the 17th or 18th of June and the smoke rolled in two days later. We live in the Rogue Valley the smoke accumulates here and without a breeze it just stays here. I read in this morning’s newspaper that it will probably stay here for another six weeks.


Anyway I digress, the Market was beautiful this morning. I really love to support my local purveyors. Unlike our home in Santa Barbara, CA I have to learn to appreciate that we’re not going to have our Oregon Market year round, as Oregon has real seasons. So Jim and I are attempting to enjoy as much produce as possible.  Tonight Jim is making Pork Stuffed Chinese Eggplant, yum. I’m sure he’ll be writing about it soon and will share the recipe. Until than here’s what we bought in addition to eggplant.



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