Corrugated Cardboard

While waiting for our stuff to arrive here in Medford Oregon, we were given time to do some preparation, which we would otherwise have had to do by moving everything around. One thing we did was to cover the garage floor with tiles, which should make keeping the garage neat and clean pretty easy. I bought some chrome wire Metro shelves for storage of stuff in the garage and I splurged and bought a classy workbench and storage system from NewAge. All of this resulted in an amazing amount of cardboard packing boxes accumulating behind the garage.

Metro shelves and floor tiles
Workbench and storage system still needing to be assembled (I have no tools remember)

In anticipation of receiving our stuff soon, I knew I had to get rid of the cardboard, but how? I posted on Nextdoor and got some great and helpful responses. One lady suggested we take the cardboard to the Ashland Transfer Station, which is much closer than the Medford station (which I remarked is above the arctic circle far north of us.)

So today I was able to load all our cardboard in our SUV and transport it to the Ashland Transfer Station. When we got there the attendant told us that it was free to recycle cardboard (Yeah!). We backed the car up to the cardboard recycle bin and I looked in and saw that almost every box that was being recycled was marked with Amazon Prime shipping tape… virtually every box. Not surprising, most of our boxes were as well, but I had never grasped the magnitude of the amount of cardboard boxes that Amazon must use. Good thing cardboard is recyclable.

Now we just need to get rid of our moving boxes when the time comes, but we got some good suggestions from Nextdoor on that as well. Just put an ad on Craigslist. There are always folks needing moving boxes and packing paper, come and get it we have 164 boxes!

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