Moving From CA to OR

I don’t know how well we shared this information with all of you but in a nutshell Mayflower Moving, arrived at our home in Santa Barbara on the 15th of June to start packing our 4,000 square foot house full of furniture.

Two small ladies arrived at the beginning of day always ending with about a dozen after 3:00.  Got everything on the truck late in the day on the 16th of June. Mayflower Moving guy indicated all our belonging would arrive in OR on 19th, so we hightailed it up to OR and arrived at our new abode early on the 19th.

It is now the July 5th and there is no sign of furniture, clothing, pots, pans, comforters, beds, pillows, a spoon, cup, or a knife. I talk with Mayflower four times an day and they can’t give us a date. All they will say is it will be here on or before July 28th. What moving company would take away all your stuff and not return it for a month and a half? So, if moving, please check your paperwork. We relied on “word” of final moving man and did not double check final printed date. Sure, we’re stupid, but never imagined we’d be expected to live without a spoon, blanket, or a towel for six weeks.

Cannot recommend using Mayflower Moving or if you do, triple check paperwork and get a lawyer. One clarification, the people we worked with Barbara and Bill based in Santa Barbara were wonderful to work with, did everything in their power to get our stuff up here. Barbara is saying our stuff is loaded, driver (Louis) is leaving on Friday, so we’re hoping for once again to be reunited with our belongings on Sunday or Monday.

Have to admit living in an empty house was kind of fun. Picked up a lot of  “Life Hacks” during this journey. If you’re ever in a situation when you don’t know when real forks will arrive, steal plastic forks from Deli Section of your grocery store. I’m simply too cheap to buy forks when I know I have forks that are packed in a box, currently not with me, but they’re somewhere!!

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