I know it’s summer and it’s pretty hot no matter where any of us are. Except for my dear friends Vic in the UK and Robert and Gitta in Germany, where the weather is cool and dry.  But, heat or not, we all still have to eat. James came down from Portland for the weekend to spend time with us here in Southern Oregon. Nice and cool in the mornings so I’m thinking Totchos. Now don’t get all worried, oh no Laura is going to demand we do a complex recipe and we won’t have fun. Remember James is the one you should fear. He’s the one who does the complicated recipes, those that roll off his tongue. Jim is also less complex but he will still make you work for your supper. I’m all about easy/peasy! Thus, Totchos, which are nothing but Nachos using Tater Tots instead of Taco Chips.

I make the tots in the oven until they are golden brown and crisp. After that it’s all up to you. If you have leftover taco meat, pulled pork, roasted chicken, fish, or shrimp use it. Cheese, jalapenos, black olives, green pepper, onions, and any number of things that you like on Nachos. Toast it all in the oven, and dress with lettuce, spring greens, scallions, tomatoes, and sour cream. Once again anything that excites your taste buds.

Serve with salsa or Pico de gallo. Coffee and fresh orange juice and you are golden for breakfast.

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