Green Stuff

Began a new project today.  Sorting and making sense of my Mother’s recipes.

While going through all of my Mom’s stuff I found this old recipe book chuck full of recipes. Recipes written on cards, scraps of paper, torn from newspapers, and even one written on the back of a “48 HOUR NOTICE TO ARRANGE FOR PAYMENT.” YIKES!!! Many of them don’t even have an indication of what you’re cooking. I guess if you needed a title you had no business in the kitchen.

So far it’s been fun. My being a writer of hundreds of recipes and a editor of those written by my husband and son, it’s becoming fun looking at how ladies did things before Julia Child and Graham Kerr came to TV in the 1960s.


I ran into this two days ago. No title just ingredients. I immediately ran into the kitchen where James and Jim were doing were doing some pre-Christmas dinner prep. James couldn’t believe what he was reading, “Wow Nana, you actual made this? Hmmm…”

I can’t tell you if this is good or as bad as we suspect. I can say with utmost certainty that no one in this family will ever make it! However, be my guest, let me know how it goes.


One thought on “Green Stuff

  1. I grew up watching both Julia and Graham with my Mom, and it probably was one of the factors that set me up to be a food blogger…who knew back then, though! What a treasure that book must be! I have some recipes like that from my Grandma. Some w/o titles, some with just lists of ingredients. This one I was thinking didn’t sound as bad as some of Grandma’s until I noticed the cheese, lol!! Happy Eating and you’re wise to stay away from all things made with green jello.

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