Dunsmuir is easily one of my favorite small towns in America. I use every excuse to stop there when I am driving along the I-5. It’s a great example of the kind of small town that there are fewer and fewer of in the US. While I think that that’s really sad, I plan on enjoying Dunsmuir as much as I can.

The town is centered around a main street the runs parallel to the I-5 on the East side. It’s main street is about as typical small town America as you can think of. There is a hardware store, coffee shop, a lot of great second hand and antique stores.

They also have probably the best burger joint along the entire I-5. I make sure to stop there every time I drive through around lunch time. Their burgers have that great home made flavor, but they also have milkshakes made from locally sourced blackberries that are just absolutely delicious.

Dunsmuir is also renowned for having some of the best water on tap anywhere in the US. I tested out out a few times and I have to say, it really does taste great. They sell it at several of the local stores. But I always make sure to bring several empty water bottles to fill up when I drive through.

Most importantly though, the town is just gorgeous. I made sure to take a bunch of pictures.


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