Waverley Country Club and Pioneer Cemetery

I live near a neighborhood called Waverly Heights in Sellwood. It’s one of the nicer neighborhoods in the area outside of Lake Oswego. All I really knew about it was there was a golf course over there that I could see through the fence near my condo. There was also a boat landing further down that I had seen from my kayak.

So, because I’m stuck in my condo for the foreseeable future, I do like to take regular outdoor walks since I can do so and maintain social distancing. I figured this was a great place to explore a little since I had never tried it on foot before.

Well, I was right and wrong. The neighborhood itself is very nice with lots of older, well maintained houses and shady trees. Nestled back in the neighborhood right off of the Willamette is the Waverley Country Club. I had no idea the golf course was connected to a full country club. I looked it up afterwards and found out it is the second oldest Country Club in the United States, west of the Mississippi river.

It turned out, walking around the club itself wasn’t a great idea. I was just in street clothes and stood out as not being a member. So I got a lot of dirty looks. I tried to just cut through the club to limit my time there and stop people from gawking at me. But the only road that lead out was gated so I couldn’t go through it. So after a profoundly uncomfortable hour of walking, I turned around and left. I didn’t want to take pictures and risk drawing more attention to myself. But the clubhouse is gorgeous.

I did see something cool on the way out though that I didn’t know was there. Right near the entrance road is the Sellwood Pioneer Cemetery. It’s still active from what I saw but many of the graves are extremely old. It’s a nice little peaceful spot in an otherwise rather busy neighborhood.

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