(Almost) Entirely Homemade German Meal

One of the better positives to come out of the negative that is being locked down at home has turned out to be a lot of my friends trying out neat things like creating great foods at home. I myself tried making mustard at home to great success. Many others have gotten into making bread and especially sourdough. The one trend I have never got though was the banana bread trend. I don’t like banana bread and probably never will, so that part of the trend I can leave.

But, my good friend Geoff recently took to making one of my favorite things at home. Sauerkraut made at home. Specifically in his case made with some garlic and jalapenos to spruce it up a bit. He drove across town with his kids to drop it off for me which was super nice of him.

So now I had some great homemade sauerkraut and mustard. All I had to do was get some German style sausages and bread from the supermarket. I could have also made my Austrian Potato Salad, but I wanted to keep the meal simple and have it ready on the table as soon as the sausages were done. All I did to cook those was fry them in a pan, then poured some water on them to steam them until they were finished.

The great thing about having a lot of home made stuff laying around is you can make really great, special, and inexpensive meals in just a few minutes whenever you need. I’d also recommend some cold German style beer for this one. But really it doesn’t need to be a special occasion for that.

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