Jacksonville Cemetery

Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery – Located in Jacksonville, Oregon, which is a location we learned about during a hike with Volksport. We were instructed to start up the steep road to the cemetery located at the very top of the hill overlooking the small city.  Since the cemetery is very old and vegetated by huge old trees it reminded us of the graveyard we lived across the road from in New England. Lived there for over twenty years.  

With the first official burial of the remains of Mrs. Margaret Love, in October of 1859, Jacksonville Cemetery is one of the oldest and largest historic cemeteries in the state of Oregon and contains some of the earliest pioneer grave-sites

in all of Southern Oregon. Good try Jacksonville Cemetery but in New England we have gravestones dating back to the sixteen hundreds. However, the Jacksonville Cemetery is divided into distinct areas, Catholic, Masonic, and Jewish, very cool, first time I’ve ever witnessed this. 

You can park down at the library or in town, doesn’t matter everything is so close. We strongly suggest you take a nice long hike and then stop for lunch at the Jacksonville Inn or the Mustard Seed. The town is charming and full of old compelling homes. How can you go wrong? Old cemetery and stately homes all near excellent food options. Go nuts, have fun. 


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