Travel During Pandemic

Yes, yes…I know we haven’t been writing during the last week. So we apologize, however, we have been traveling and now that we’re sort of settled into our Lake House in Wisconsin, we wanted to share some observations.

To start with we always have to take three separate planes to get from our house in Oregon or Santa Barbara to northern Wisconsin. This years travel took us from Oregon to Denver, Colorado, next Denver to Chicago, Illinois, and finally Chicago to Appleton, Wisconsin. This explanation is to define it is a long day in many different airports.

Denver and Chicago were literally “Ghost Towns!!!” 90% of the shops were closed as were a high percentage of the restaurants. We were expecting all of this but couldn’t understand why news was talking about overbooked flights. Just didn’t make sense. All three flights were booked solid. Didn’t figure it out until Denver. Got on the plane and we were packed in like sardines. Everyone was supposed to wear masks, however, as soon as doors closed many passengers removed their masks. Anyway I had a window seat…aha…taxiing down tarmac, hundreds of planes were parked near hangers resulting in no planes in the sky carrying people this way and that.

We’re traveling to New England this fall and to Slovenia a month later. We will let you know if anything is returning to normal or what we’ve become to accept as normal. Don’t get me wrong, we loved the empty airports but packed planes, not so much.

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