Purriosa Gave Me a Real Scare

Pet ownership is great most of the time: but, sometimes it can lead to some real hair raising moments. Like yesterday when I turned my back for a few minutes with the balcony door open and Purriosa somehow jumped off, fell two stories, and ended up goodness knows where.

It was double worried since I had a pressing Zoom meeting with about 25 people and couldn’t stop that to go look for her. But after that was over I ran around my condo complex for a good while looking for her and even managed to put up some posters in the neighborhood. But, to no avail. So I unfortunately had a fitful nights sleep not knowing where she was or if she was even alive.

The next morning some good friends came over to help me look for her. We basically decided that my condo complex had all sorts of challenges so looking around was kind of fruitless. So instead we brainstormed what other things we could do. We started by asking all of my neighbors. Second I made sure to talk to the wonderful people at “Home Again” a microchip retrieval company. We also put up reports on Nextdoor and with the county.

As a side note, if you have a pet I can’t recommend “Home Again” enough. They were very helpful and caring on the phone and the service they offer is top notch. Not only are they a microchip tracking company but they also do things like print up and distribute missing posters.

Luckily my downstairs neighbor was the one who finally found her. She had leapt off of the balcony and ended up on the balcony below. She then hid under a black piece of patio furniture. Since shes a black cat, this made her nearly impossible to see until midday the next day. But my wonderful neighbor came and got me right away and I retrieved her. Thank goodness.

I love owning pets, but I could do without moments like Sunday.

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