Green Springs Mountain Loop

We hiked this trail several weeks ago when James was visiting us from Portland. It was so beautiful and pleasant we recommended it to our Volksport  friends and members here in Southern Oregon. Many people responded with, we’ll be there, can’t wait.


So last Friday, We woke up to a bright sunny warm day. Hopped in the car and we were off. There’s a significant elevation gain, about 4500 feet but we didn’t give it much thought. Now as we’re driving to the trail-head, we start to encounter mist, then heavy mist, which turned into light rain, heavy rain, and finally snow. Jim’s reaction was, “what the hell!!!”. All those hiking culminated at the trail-head, most hikers arrived unprepared for snow. It was beautiful but the decision was to hike a different trail at lower altitude. Had a wonderful hike, however, we strongly suggest this trail. Easily done in a couple of hours. Get ready to experience breathtaking vistas.


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