Tea Chai Te

I used to go to The Living Room very often in order to do work and writing. Just a bit of general relief from the condo to clear my head and change my surroundings. But, it does close a 5pm which is a little early for me sometimes. But luckily Sellwood has a few more options.

The one that I’ve ended up being really drawn to was Tea Chai Te. It’s a tea house built with a very extensive list of teas available. Now I’ve never actually really been a big tea drinker. But I’ve still managed to find a few teas to drink there that appeal to a less well trained palate like mine.

In addition, and this is what I really like about this place, is it’s built into an old railroad car. So the building itself has lots of really cool places to work in private. It’s one of those places that seems small on the outside but is actually really big on the inside. So it creates a very interesting and fun spot to work. Also they stay open a lot later and that’s nice for when I want to work late.

Obviously they’re closed right now so I can’t get pictures of the interior myself, but I pulled some nice ones off their yelp page. It’s really something you should see for yourself when this is all over.IMG_0537

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