Steak My Way

If there’s a meal for when you want something quick and easy that gets the absolute best results, it’s a good steak. Unless you’re one of our vegetarian friends of course. But this article isn’t for them. It’s for those among us who want the deeply satisfying meal that is a juicy, well prepared steak. I’ve perfected my technique over the years and here it is.

A few things to note though. I prefer my steak rare-medium rare. If you like yours medium or well, this isn’t for you. You may want a different technique entirely since this is designed to articulate the texture of a rare steak. It’s also for my preferred cut of steak which is a New York. This also works with a Ribeye or T-Bone, but would work well with a filet mignon. Finally this is for steak with no sauce or seasonings beyond salt, pepper, and olive oil. It’s meant to articulate the meaty flavors rather than add to them. Though a bit of mild seasons like garlic salt or lemon pepper would work just fine. Just don’t over do it. Also this uses a gas grill rather than charcoal. I realize charcoal would be better but this is for ease of preparation. Feel free to try modifying it for charcoal though.

First picking a steak is important. Go to a super market whose butcher you trust. Also, and this may sound weird, but don’t let yourself be overcharged for this. Yes a dry aged waygu steak is great. But get that at a steakhouse. A good 8-10oz New York steak shouldn’t set you back more than $12-15. You’ll be using my tricks to make it takes good. Just find a good butcher.

When you get it home, immediately season both sides with kosher salt and cracked black pepper. Then throw it in a plastic zip lock bag with about 1 Tbs of strong olive oil. This breaks it down and preseasons it. Give it a few hours in the fridge like this.


About 10 minutes before you start cooking, get the grill really hot. I usually find firing it up to medium, letting it heat up, brushing the grill, and closing the lid for about 10 minutes gets it good and hot and ready to cook on.


When it’s ready, put the steak on and close the lid, Make sure the steak is at about a 45 degree angle to the slats along it’s longest point for nice grill marks. Under no circumstances move, check, or touch the steak for two and a half minutes.


After two and a half minutes, turn 90 degrees and cook for another 2 and a half minutes with the lid closed.


When that’s done, flip it over entirely and close the lid, and cook for 3 minutes. Notice throughout this you are doing barely anything. That’s the idea, the grill is a capable cooking device, let it do it’s job. When it’s done take it off the grill and tent with foil to help the carryover cooking finish off the inside. Let it sit in foil for about 5 minutes.

During that time, finish up your sides. I like a simple baked potato and sauteed broccoli. You can also make fancy sauces like a Bearnaise sauce for it but it honestly doesn’t need it.

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