Mike’s Drive In

Taking summer trips to Wisconsin to visit my grandparents was a tradition of my family for a long time. With both of them gone now I’m going up there less often. It’s a shame because there’s a few spots up there that I really miss. One of them is a little roadside shake shack called Northern Delights. They had all the traditional shake shack fare. So, great burgers, french fries, the traditional Wisconsin deep fried cheese curds, and of course, milk shakes, malts, and ice cream. It wasn’t summer until Northern Delights opened, and it wasn’t Fall until Northern Delights closed.

So I was driving around one afternoon thinking about that place since Summer is coming up soon. I’ve been looking for a little roadside shake shack like that one for a while and haven’t found one in a big city. Something about small american towns creates the ideal spot for these things.

So instead I drove a few miles down the road to Milwaukie Oregon. It’s a small town center near where I live. I was in luck, there is a shake shack down there called Mike’s. Luckily again, it’s still open even with Safer At Home in effect. So I ordered a nice big meal since I had skipped breakfast. Double bacon cheeseburger, fries, onion rings and a soda. Now, was it as good as Northern Delights? In my mind nothing ever is, but this was pretty close. So good in fact that none of it made it on camera before I ate it all. I’ve gone back a few times since so I think that’s the best sign of quality.


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