Useful Stuff: Poster Putty

So, a little different from what I usually post. But I have been getting my condo closer to where I want it to be as far as decorations and setup are concerned. At least until I decide to rearrange everything again to keep it fresh, I do that very frequently. But as part of that I bought a bunch of poster putty to keep my posters on the wall without having to put thumb tacks in the the wall like I usually do and it’s rapidly proven to be incredibly useful stuff to keep around. I’ll show you why.

It’s one of those things you can use to solve little, annoying persistent problems that pop up all the time around the home that are too small to justify a bigger more elaborate fix. For instance, I have a power strip that I keep underneath my couch to plug in my laptop or phone or something. But my Roomba likes to push it around under there to where I can’t reach it. The solution would be to mount it on the floor with screws but I have a concrete floor. Instead, as a solution I took a couple of large wads of poster putty and stuck it to the floor with that. It works like a charm.

I also have a little sensor that keeps the Roomba out of certain parts of the condo. It works great but it’s small and the cats like to knock it over occasionally. Once again a little poster putty on the base of it has solved the problem with making me affix it to the floor.

Finally, I was having a problem with my silverware tray sliding around on the inside of the kitchen drawer even though I have a no stick pad underneath it. I’m sure you can guess what solved that problem. Maybe one day I’ll even use it to put up a poster (Just kidding I totally have a few posters I used it on).

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