Kitten Update

Purriosa is doing very well. But she’s turning out to have a lot more personality than the shelter originally indicated. She’s trying to take over the house but since Scrabbles (my mature cat, about 11 years old) still out-weighs her by about double her body weight it’s not working too well for her. We’ll see how long that lasts once she grows up some more, she’s only about 5 months old and too smart for her own britches.  She loves watching TV, I’m not talking cartoons. I caught her watching the Stock Market Report. She also loves the evening news with Lester Holt.

She’s well within her weight for her age. Maybe a little on the small side. But I’m giving her a little extra food to make sure she’s getting the nutrition a growing cat needs. Scrabbles is getting treats too so he doesn’t feel jealous. For now, Scrabbles deals with her attempts to mess with him by sitting on her.

Every night she’ll say goodnight by sitting directly on my chest while I read to go to sleep. It’ cute but also unbelievably annoying. She wants attention, so she rubs her face all over whatever I’m reading, a book, a magazine, my iPhone.

By the way, my mom won’t call her by her given name. Mom believes animals have a way of naming themselves. My grandmother’s kitten took a dump on the floor, two feet away from his litter box while my mom was sitting there reading her morning paper and drinking a coffee. Results…his name there after was always, Pooh. My little kitten in my mom’s head will always be “Legs!” Tiny kitten with long spindly legs, OK mom not her name but you do your own thing. Love you!


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