Breakfast Sandwich

Many mornings I’ll just have a piece of toast and some yogurt. But every once in a while I want something more filling since dinner most likely won’t be happening for a while, or maybe I just feel like making something fancy. On those days I take a lot of the stuff I usually make, add a little bit and turn it into a tasty breakfast sandwich. Here’s what I do.

2 Slices Hearty Sandwich Bread
2 Slices Cheese, Cheddar or Swiss
2-3 Strips of Bacon
2-3 Eggs, depending on how hungry you are
salt and pepper, and some milk
Preferred Hot Sauce, I like Sriracha for this.

Getting the timing right on this is important. So make sure your coffee is done first. Start by putting the toast in the toaster and then starting the bacon. While this is happening scrabble your eggs with the salt and pepper and milk. I find this is better if it’s just lightly scrambled. When the bacon is done to your preferred level of crispness (everyone is different), remove from pan and add to sandwich with cheese so it starts melting. Drain some of the fat and use the rest to cook the eggs. Try to develop one large curd so it stays  in the sandwich. When the eggs are done assemble the rest of the sandwich with hot sauce. I like Sriracha since it has a lot of texture and sticks to the eggs. Enjoy immediately.

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