My Prius

So I thought maybe I’d write a bit about something that I love that I can’t really use too much lately. My little green Toyota Prius C. My parents were very kind and bought this car for me when my previous car, the venerable 1997 Toyota Rav4 that I had driven for years finally broke down.

I’ll talk a bit about my Rav4 because I loved that car and replacing it was quite an emotional  feat. The Rav4 was also a gift for graduating from high school. I drove it everywhere. It went to just about every state in the Western half of the United States. I went to SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events, the Rainbow Gathering, Ren Faires, numerous LARPs (Live Action Role Playing,) and just old fashioned fishing and camping. I could do anything with it. It had a great combination of cargo space and gas mileage. It finally died a warrior’s death when the engine casing cracked. One last good deed for me, it only ever broke down twice and the second time was very bad guaranteeing that I should just junk it. However, I donated it to “Cars for Causes” and they were glad to get it. It was a California car and there wasn’t on ounce of rust on it.

I replaced it with my current car, the Prius. We got it for a good price since it was formerly a totaled car from Texas. We decided on this one because I wanted to drive for Lyft while I completing my Business Degrees, which was a good way to make a little extra money. But I learned to love it for all sorts of reasons.

The Prius is the first car I’ve owned with a remote key, which after having to juggle my keys for years is a huge change. It also has a really nice bluetooth sound system which is great after having to use a tape deck converter to 3.5mm audio converter for years and years. I know a lot of stuff like that is standard no but I drove a 1997 car for a long time and never had them.

The Prius also has absolutely amazing gas mileage and range. While I’m sometimes envious of my friends with Teslas, they can’t drive nearly as far on a single charge like I can for one tank of gas. So it’s just about the perfect car to make the long drives from Portland down to Southern California that I do often.

I also love the green color. I know that sounds silly but it really makes it stand out in a parking lot. A few of my friends have very standard white colored cars and they have a hard time identifying them among other cars. So you tell me, does my car stand out in a crowd or what?


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