Getting My Condo in Order, Finally

Having all this time inside my condo has really motivated me to finally get everything in order around here. While I moved in a year ago, I’m one of those people who needs to think for a while on how to optimize my living space before committing to it.

The problem is I usually just let things lay where they are dropped right after a move. So there’s this interim period between moving and figuring out where to put everything and use the space properly, making sense, but I’m paralyzed with indecision. During this time, I’m generally uncomfortable and annoyed by everything.

“Safer at Home” has given me the time I need to really think about everything. Just a few days ago I managed to finally move everything around as well. It was surprisingly hard to work my way through everything since my living room is kind of difficult. It has a lot of walls that are mirrors, a big fireplace you shouldn’t put anything too close too, and a big sun window that has the porch door right in the center of it. It means its a really big room but there isn’t a lot of space to actually put stuff.

I finally worked it out and managed to get a lot more useable space going with it. I have a nice big empty spot, that I think I’ll use as my exercise area. I now have a space to permanently lay my yoga mat. It’s also right next to the windows so it gets a great shot at the view that I have.

Overall I’m very happy with it. It’s a lot easier to watch TV since it’s closer. The cats obviously like it more. It’s easier to clean too. Just gotta get a few pieces of furniture to fill in some spots. Small table and small chair. Lots of Vintage stores here in Portland so I will be casually looking for just the right pieces, when the stores are allowed to open. Wow, these are interesting times! Don’t like these times, I know, none of us do. Stay safe and well. Think puzzles! Yeah, they’re fun and time consuming, plus the whole family can participate. Sometimes everyone is competing to find that one border piece and other times it is a personal journey to find your one valued piece. During all of this family and friends are communicating and sharing time. Which, I now remember, my Great-Nana had a puzzle table by the windows. Maybe I should get a dedicated puzzle table.

P.S. That rug in the Featured Photo belonged to my Great-Grandmother and was already an antique when she purchased it as a young girl. That rug is probably valued at more than my net-worth. Love that rug, it’s beautiful! Way to go, Great Nana!!!

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