Safer at Home: Curbside

While it isn’t great, I will say following the rules of “Safer at Home” is a lot easier than it could be. We have a wealth of options for getting all sorts of things sent to your home. Be it Amazon, Grubhub, or InstaCart.

However, I do still need to get out of the condo occasionally otherwise I would go stir crazy. So I like to go out and order some food occasionally. Lately with the attempts at weight loss, Chipotle is my favorite since they have lots of fresh vegetables and meat and other tasty stuff and it’s all easily inputted into my calorie tracker. But as you would imagine Covid-19 has made going there different, just like everywhere really.

What’s really the strangest thing is just how deserted everything is. There’s no cars in the parking lot and the Chipotle is in one of the biggest malls in town. It’s just weird and makes me feel strange every time I see it.

Chipotle is also a good choice for going out since they have a really intuitive app that you can order your dinner from. I tend to use it right before I start driving over and my food is ready by the time I get there and still nice and hot.

The same happened when I wanted something specific from the game store. With them, I had to order it over the phone and pay with my credit card and they had it waiting for me curbside.

Many businesses have found ways to cope. We still need to exercise due diligence and stay inside so we can knock this virus down and go back to normal sooner rather than later. I mean we have ways to deal with the isolation for now, and now is probably the best time in history for this to happen, but I do want things to return to normal soon. Hope my few suggestions helped. Stay Safe!

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