Springwater Corridor: So Nice, Everyone is Here.

The season is beginning to turn in Portland. It was a nice bright and sunny 60 degrees out. So I decided to go for a bit of a walk on the Springwater Corridor, which I happen to live very close to.

The Springwater Corridor is a trail in Portland through most of the Southeast. It’s maintained by the Parks and Recreation department and is either a nice stroll or a challenging bike ride if you ride trail.  It does have a bit of a problem with the homeless making camps along it, so keep that in mind.

While I typically enjoy it, today I couldn’t. Mostly because everyone else had the same idea I did. You’ll see from a few of my pictures what I mean.  I can’t really blame anyone. It’s the first nice day in a good long time, people have been cooped up in their homes, and nothing else is open. So it was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it before.

So I did what I thought was responsible and ditched it in favor if walking through the relatively deserted, but less photogenic, neighborhoods nearby. I would’ve felt okay doing it if I had a mask but I did not. So I was trying to be responsible and not contribute to the issue.

But I do live very close to it. Tomorrow will have similar nice weather as well so I will probably go kayaking, much easier to social distance that way.

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