Mustard at Home

I have been making a lot of recipes from Binging with Babish. Which has really helped me rekindle my love of cooking. As great as he is, there’s only so much of one internet chef that I can take. So I’ve been branching out a bit.

Bon Appetit has a wonderful YouTube channel and I’ve been slowly won over to it by my friends who love it’s fun presentation and simple recipes. The one that really got me since I like making a lot of my own stuff at home is Brad Leone’s It’s Alive which details various fermented stuff like sauerkraut, and in this case home made mustard which has always interested me. Besides Brad is kind of a goof-ball and is fun to watch.

I decided to try this myself with a few things I had in the fridge. All I really needed was the mustard seed which I purchased from the local Savory Spice. A great local branch of a franchise that really needed the extra business right now. They had really high quality stuff and you want it for this application.

The fun thing is you can make it out of a lot of stuff you may have lying around. Brad used sauerkraut juice, and verjus. I used some of the pickling from a bottle giardiniera I had lying around and split the batch between some cheap bottled chardonnay and reisling I was having trouble finishing. I also added some garlic because I like it. It apparently is a very malleable recipe.

I made it today and I’m letting it ferment and hydrate in the refrigerator so we’ll see how that turns out.  I’m already planning a menu around it.

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