My Favorite Diner Breakfast at Home

With “Safer at Home” going on (I’m mentioning that a lot, I know but it’s important) my favorite breakfast diner, Bertie Lou’s, has shut its doors for the duration. It’s for safety I know, but I’ve desperately wanted one of their breakfasts ever since then.

So, I decided to try to make it myself. The Bertie Lou’s “The Works” is an intimidating beast of a breakfast. As laborious to make as it is to eat. It features eggs, best eaten fried, two strips of bacon, two sausages, a split biscuit with gravy, and home fires. It’s got a little of everything which adds up to a lot of food.

If you’re a fast casual breakfast diner, you have most of that stuff ready to go. But if you’re a home cook you have to make most of it from scratch. I highly recommend pre-baking the biscuits and then starting with the gravy before moving onto the potatoes, which I detailed elsewhere. Then make everything else to your specification.

In the end, I ended up with everything they have at Bertie Lou’s. But was it as good? Honestly, no. At Bertie Lou’s they have the advantage of a couple decade old griddle. Everything that comes off of that just tastes better. In addition the surroundings really add to eating a big mess of breakfast food. You can’t duplicate it.

This isn’t to say that what I made was bad. Far from it in fact. It was delicious and I wolfed down the whole darn thing in a few minutes. I sort’ve embarrassed myself. SO it was good. But I’ll also say I will be first in line when Bertie Lou’s re-opens.

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