So, this entry involves a few of my favorite things. The first is one of my favorite dishes that my mom makes. A German rolled meat dish called Rouladen. My mom makes this occasionally since it’s a lot of work and it’s always been one of my favorite things that she makes. The other is Italian tomato based sauces, I love that nice acidic bite of a classic tomato sauce, especially when combined with red meat and pasta.

So it was really cool to be browsing Babish’s channel on Youtube and he made Braciole. I only vaguely knew about this dish before seeing the video. Since I’m stuck inside I wanted to see what this was like, and I had a serious craving for a nice, beefy, acidic meal so the time had come.

I had to make one change from Babish’s recipe was substituting for the currants since my local grocery store didn’t have them. So I dipped into my Massachusetts heritage and used dried cranberries. I know dried fruit and beef sounds weird but it was surprisingly good. Also don’t do what I did and leave out the Parmesan when stuffing the meat, it adds a lot of flavor.


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