Exploring Sellwood District of Portland

With the COVID-19 virus and all the lockdown rules it is difficult to get a proper workout. As you all know Portland gets more than its share of rainy days. My gym closed last Monday, for good reasons: gyms are sweaty environments. The equipment is located relatively close to each other and once you get to a certain point you start breathing through you mouth.  So instead I’m trying to get outside and get in a little physical activity every day to get the blood going. Yesterday it was kayaking on the Willamette River.

Today, I took a nice long walk around the neighborhood, making sure to keep my distance from anyone else who was doing the same. Which, was actually pretty easy, there weren’t really too many people out.

The main thing I wanted to highlight was this really cool neighborhood cooperative. It’s an intersection where all of the houses near it agreed to make a public space for everyone walking by.

It has a big mosaic drawn on the street. About once a year they’ll close down the intersection to repaint a different design on it. It’s really cool to check out as well as a useful landmark. They also have a spot where one of the houses puts out a carafe of hot tea and coffee for anyone walking by. This is of course closed down during the Social Distancing order. They also have a spot for kids to play that has donated toys.

Although, my favorite places are the small public libraries. The ones that are just a small cabinet outside where people can leave and take whatever books they want. I actually use it a lot myself and will probably write a post about it one day too since I like it so much.

Also I made sure to take a few pictures of the trees since Spring has finally sprung and we’re starting to get the buds. All in all a nice time in the neighborhood.

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