Kayaking and Social Distancing

With the order to remain socially distant in place now, you’ll probably see a lot more writing from me. I’m trying to be responsible and stop the spread of Covid-19, especially since my parents are both of an advanced age and are definitely part of the group vulnerable to it.

But, I also want to stay physically active. My gym closed which limits my options for a good, hard, short workout. But, the weather did finally turn a little better, which means the river is an option again.

A little less than a year ago I bought a cheap kayak to see if I’d like it. I can now safely say that I do and it’s become a favorite outdoor hobby of mine. You get a new perspective on how a place looks by going on the river. Similar to how it looks different when you on a bike, or in a car, versus walking the street.

Yesterday I went out again while listening to a book on tape. I made it about 8 miles round trip which is more or less from where I live near the Sellwood bridge to underneath the Hawthorne bridge. My goal is to one day make it all the way to Sauvie Island beach and back but I think that is a ways off. One day I’ll figure out the distance on that trip.

You also see some interesting stuff on the river. I’ve seen art installations, tent villages, sunken boats. All sorts of things. Luckily I have a dry bag for my phone so I can take pictures.

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