Opened up our local paper “Tempo” magazine. Since all performances, activities, theaters, and events are cancelled, the “Tempo” accumulated a “Binge Watching List” of suggestions. Thought I’d share it with all our reading public. We’re staying home more and we we’ll all be needing good suggestions on what to watch in between washing our hands and monitoring the latest public health news.


  • Tuca & Bertie – Netflix
  • Love Is Blind – Netflix
  • The Life of Birds – Amazon Prime
  • Monk – Amazon Prime
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm – HBO Now
  • Nathan For You – Comedy Central on Hulu
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Netflix and Hulu
  • Killing Eve – BBC American available on Hulu
  • Six Feet Under – Amazon Prime and Hulu
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Hulu
  • Westworld – Hulu
  • High Fidelity – Hulu
  • The Circle – Netflix

Now some of my personal Binge favorites.

  • Sherlock (Cumberbach) – Netflix
  • Frasier – Hulu
  • Our Planet – Netflix
  • Parks and Recreation – Amazon Prime
  • Any cooking show, Chopped, Greatest British Baking Show, Bon Appetit – Test Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay…they’re all good, entertaining and you’re always going to learn a little or a lot.

So this should keep us a bit entertained for awhile, if I’ve missed any “Must Sees,” please drop me a line, I’d be happy to create an additional list or two. Heavens, don’t have much else to do. Would appreciate your help!

Be safe!!!



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