Confessions of a Blogger

As most of you know Jim, James (our son,) and I have three major interests: food (eating, cooking, and researching,) travel (hiking, walking, climbing, and general sightseeing) and lifestyle (love to write about traditions, cultures, and norms.) James lives and writes from Portland, Oregon and Jim and I write from the Rogue Valley in Oregon. Jim and I work in our home office at Partner Desks, that means we face each other. We have bookshelves on the one wall of the office. Housed in the bookshelves is a flat screen, which toggles through and displays all of our Google photos. Most of the time we’re hunkered down writing and researching, but every now and again one of us will look up and glace at a photo on the screen. Don’t even ask me what the featured photo is, I have no clue.

I don’t know looks like something and hair ties!

About 50% of the time we respond with recognition and glee, however, the other 50% is “what the hell is that or where the hell are we?”  This led us to reveal the “dark side” of blogging.

Yum, can’t wait to have them leftovers!!!

We work really hard to take photos as we’re cooking and writing recipes but not always do the images reflect a beautiful and compelling representation of the project we’re working toward. We doubt any blogger, even if they’re working with a professional photographer, gets every shot with shear perfection. So within this posting are just a fraction of less than stunning shots. Same goes for travel, the place maybe knock-down dead gorgeous but we don’t remember where we were when we took if.

Nice photo but where are we?

Hope you get a laugh out of these photos as much as we do and if you can figure out what we’re cooking or where we are on the face of the planet. Please comment and set us on the right path. We’d love to hear from you.

Apparently in the woods, somewhere.
So where is this and why did I even take a photo?
At least this Dude was interesting, also played some good tunes!
Yosemite 2006 017 cropped (1).jpg
James lived there for three years and he still doesn’t appear to know where he is.
Can’t remember who this is but we are apparently having a good time in a cupboard.


Switzerland and Germany 2005 032.jpg
I, actually know exactly where I am. But I’m going to let you try to figure it out!
Wisconsin March 2005 011.jpg
I know it’s in America and as you can see it’s snowing, I probably shouldn’t be driving.


Ireland 2004 060.jpg
Our country house, I wish!!!


IMG_1899 (1).JPG
I honestly don’t know this guy, but I love to be cuddled by fit guy.


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