Birthday Ornament!!!

It was my birthday a few days ago and I received this beautiful ornament from my best friend Patty. We always say we’re not going to exchange gifts but we do it anyway. However, this is the best gift yet because Patty made it and it’s exquisitely beautiful and delicate. I can’t wait until Christmas to display it so I’m going to display it by the head of my bed.  I’m thinking of a shadow box but the back is also beautiful so I have to keep on thinking on how to appreciate it all year long.

birthday ornament 2.JPG

Here is a link to her website: Art Sea Cape Coral

If you are interested you can message her through her Facebook page.

Patty and I both worked in high-tech so when one can be logical and analytical AND be this creative is astonishing, but than Patty is truly astonishing. I’ve love her for twenty or thirty years and I am blessed.

James was here today and I showed it to him, he loved and stated how much he loved her. So Patty if you’re reading this, we all love you, but I love you the most.

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