Nana’s Cookie and Cake Recipes

I love my Nana’s baked goods. It appears in the featured photo Nana loved coffee, as she splashed it directly in the middle of her recipe. Jim, James and I always know a recipe is good when we run across one that has food all over the printed version. Nana arrived in America not knowing a word of English, but she worked at it, refusing to speak German outside the home the moment she landed in Boston. She also did her very best to write in English.

coffee cake.JPG

Fortunately between my Nana and Grandpa they taught me German just through their everyday conversation. They also spoke straight-up German when they were arguing and couldn’t release their emotions fast enough in English.  I learned many words during these exchanges that didn’t have a place in polite society, let alone baking.

date nut cookies.JPG

The interesting aspect of my Nana’s baking realm is, she did not know how to make a pie and my Grandfather baked all the bread. One day soon I will write about my Grandpa, he was amazing, just like my Nana.

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