Getting Healthy the Oregon Way: Sauvie Island Beach

One of the hardest things in Oregon is to stay active even when it’s pouring rain outside. During the later Fall, Winter, and early Spring months this is almost all the time. So I’ve had to go out of my way to find a few spots that I could hike or at least go for a good long walk without having to tromp through a muddy or flooded path.

I found it when Diana needed a nice, flat, easy place to take her dog on a walk and I decided to check out the beach on Sauvie Island. I’ve hiked there many times before but stuck to the trails. The beach offered a much more convenient spot to hike with a nice wide beach instead of a cramped trail.

On a rainy day, you can walk the entire length of the beach without risking making anyone mad. Typically, about halfway through there is a designated nude beach that you would end up walking right through. No one wants to disrupt anyone so in the summer this isn’t really an option, but in the rainy Winter days it’s a great deserted walk. All told it’s about 6 miles, but you can really go for as long as you want.

When Mom and Dad were visiting we went up to the lighthouse and that was a nice 8.5 mile walk. Blackberry gave us some trouble toward the end, so be careful.


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