The Living Room

Something I learned recently is it helps to divide up your work spaces. While working from home can work well if you have a defined office, I do have a defined office but I use it primarily for creative stuff. Recording my radio programs, writing for my game, and painting. It’s not really where I do real work work. Work like applying for jobs, filling out important forms, or writing for this blog. So I figured I could find a spot locally to bring my laptop. The spot I found in Sellwood, a short walk from my condo and gym, was appropriately called “The Living Room” and it quickly became one of my favorite places in the neighborhood.

The Living Room is in the hollowed out space of what looks like an old garage. So there’s tons of floor space that has been covered with all sorts of big comfy chairs, tables, sofas, and even a few old church pews. Perfect place to get comfortable and get a lot real work done.  The coffee menu is perfectly average for Portland meaning it’s extremely good by anyone else’s standards. But weirdly I don’t come here for the coffee at all. It’s just a very good way to get out of the condo for a while and really apply myself and get a lot of work done.

There’s also an attached cigar shop that’s intriguing. But I REALLY don’t think I want to start that habit up again. And as everyone knows a good cigar has to be enjoyed with a very good glass of Scotch. Oh Yeah, a lot of trouble going down that path.



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