More of Purriosa

So I’ve had the new kitten for about a month now. What I was most worried about was how well she would get a long with my older kitty, Scrabbles. While they haven’t been total cuddle bugs like I hoped, they are getting along well enough and seem to be warming up to each other rather slowly. But they are growing more fond of each other and that’s what matters.

Scrabbles still plays like an aggressive older brother. So he’ll occasionally chase her around the place, tackle her, and hop on her while she’s relaxing to groom her. The grooming will sometimes end in swatting and hissing but he’s learning his boundaries there. Purriosa isn’t innocent in all of this though. Her favorite thing to do is wait until Scrabbles turns his back on her and then nip at his legs. She also seemingly cannot resist attacking his tail whenever she sees it. It sounds like they fight a lot but so far it’s really just a lot of aggressive play. No hissing or real fighting and I do keep my eye out for it.

The only real issue I’ve been having is one of food division. Purriosa of course is a kitten and eats special food. Scrabbles though has decided he likes this food a lot more than his own boring food. So he’ll hover around when I feed her and just shove her off to the side when I stop paying attention. This is easy for him to do because he’s a very large cat and she still a kitten so he weighs like three times as much as she does. So I’m trying to find ways to force them to eat separately without my direct oversight every time. It’s a trial for sure but they’re both lovable so I don’t mind.

Anyway. Here’s some more photos so you can see how much she’s grown.

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