Getting Healthy the Oregon Way: Lake Gillette

With the season turning, it’s time to make sure to go on a lot of hikes that take you through the more heavily forested areas so you you can see the leaves change color. I made sure to get in another run of Ten Falls since it is one of the most scenic hikes in Oregon, which is saying something.

Unfortunately Ten Falls, as great as it is, is both rather crowded and doesn’t allow dogs. So when Diana and I needed a hike we had to look elsewhere since we had here dog, Freyja, with us. We also wanted to try out the Columbia Gorge since it’s beginning to recover from the fire a few years ago. We decide on Lake Gillette, a hike I found through the excellent Friends of the Gorge website.

Technically, this hike is in Washington. To get to it from Portland you have to take the 205 bridge and drive up the less scenic freeway. Or you can take the Bridge of the Gods, but that requires a toll. It’s a decent 5.5 mile hike to the lake and back. It’s not very popular so expect to have the trails all to yourself in the off season. It’s also dog friendly, but know the rules for having a dog on the trails in the area.

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