Ross Island Grocery

Every neighborhood in Portland has the local fancy coffee shop. It’s practically enshrined in law here. In my former neighborhood, the local spot is Ross Island Grocery. Despite it’s name, it is a coffee shop. It just happens to have various bit of groceries as well as a coffee shop atmosphere.

I haven’t gotten to go there to study or work as much as I’d like. But the few times I have I really appreciate the mellow atmosphere and decorations. It’s positioned on a nice quite street corner in a quiet neighborhood that is still rather central. So the light that gets through the trees is beautiful.

There’s a few tables of course and all of them are great for a sit down for work. The coffee is predictably great and they have free refills. But one of my favorites things is their sandwich menu.

If I’m hungry for something a bit healthier, or I’m about to go on a hike I’ll order a sandwich and take it with me. They’re made fresh every time and are always the perfect mid-hike or afternoon lunch when I’m on the go. I typically go with the roast beef but the turkey is becoming a favorite.


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