Hitting a Threshold – Kitchen Appliances

Jim loves working in the kitchen. He’s exceedingly good at teaching himself and learning more and more about food everyday. Our son (Chef James R. Kirkley, IV) was visiting us for several days this last week, in between hikes, James and Jim were in the kitchen all day. They have so much fun creating dishes and arguing about methods, presentation, and details of food prep. I’ve learned just to stay out of the way, there is such a thing as too many strong opinionated cooks in the kitchen. Trouble we run into is we all think we’re the Executive Chef.

The trouble I’m currently running into is, every other day delivery people are dropping off new and trendy appliances on our doorstep. It runs the whole entire spectrum of kitchen accouterments. Everyday it’s a new thingy. Yesterday was a grease separator for gravies and stews.  Today it’s a bread maker. Who even knows what it will be tomorrow. Jim’s argument is he doesn’t buy boats or ATVs or whatever, so kitchen appliances are his passion. James is no help reining Jim in because he knows when Jim gets tired of something James gets it or James borrows something and conveniently forgets to give it back.

I’m being buried in appliances! But I’ll stop complaining, everyone has a passion and no matter how old one is we still enjoy our toys. My only current worry is Jim’s spending a lot of time talking about a Tesla Model 3.

tesla model 3.jpg


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