Getting Healthy the Oregon Way: Cape Lookout

This one is a bit of a old one since I took the hike about a month prior to actually writing this. But it quickly became one of my favorite hikes in the area, and after you see the photos you’ll see why. It is also rather short and doesn’t have a lot of vertical gain (though there still is some) so it’s accessible to hikers of many skill levels. Some advanced hikers may even consider this one to be a nice stroll with lots of great views. But it can be handled in an the morning with plenty of time to visit Cannon Beach or Tillamook in the afternoon to make a nice day on the coast out of it.

The hike itself sits on a large elevated peninsula near Cape Lookout State Park, which is very close to Netart’s Spit, which I wrote about separately.  If you want to turn this nice easy stroll into a very challenging hike you could link the two, or even utilize the trails that takes you over the peninsula and onto the nearly deserted beaches south of it. The trails to do so exist even if I haven’t used them myself since I’m really just a day hiker.

When we went it was early September and the weather hadn’t completely turned yet. So the hike was a welcome respite because the hikes outside of the coast had been really hot all year. Having the coastal breeze to cool everything off was a welcome reprieve from the heat. I went with Adam, Diana and their doggy Freyja since none of them had been out and about for a good long time.

The hike turned out to be exactly what we needed. The views were great and it was nice and short and easy. Great way to feel accomplished. It was a little crowded but that’s to be expected of a popular hike, even a little late in the season. I’ll let the photos themselves do the talking.

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