Butternut Squash in Browned Butter & Sage Sauce

Like everyone else who shops at Costco, we grab one of their huge carts and end up buying a bunch of stuff that never appeared on our shopping list. This particular day it was pasta.  I had been pestering Jim to make his (and Patty’s) homemade pasta stuffed with roasted butternut squash and topped with browned butter and Sage sauce. Patty and Jim LOVE to cook, they live to cook. Don’t get me wrong I like to cook but I’m not rabid about it, unlike three other people I know. Had to include James.

OK, I digress, so we’re poking around Costco and we find this Rana Butternut Squash Ravioli. So I’m thinking Butternut Ravioli and all I have to do make is a quick sauce. It was delicious.

We cooked the pasta according to directions. The sauce consisted of one stick of butter melted over a low flame until it turns the color of a hazelnut. Add about six leaves of Sage cut into ribbons with you kitchen scissors and toast until crisp. Pour over drained pasta and season with good Parmesan cheese and freshly ground pepper. I know it sounds like a lot of butter but this recipe serves four large dinner portions or eight starters.

I grow my own herbs in pots, so does James. Jim and I live in SW Oregon and James lives in Portland and the herbs weather the winter just fine. Home-grown herbs are very forgiving plants and pack more flavor then store herbs, plus the prices in stores are outrageous.  If you’re living in a harsh climate still grow your own in the summer. They’re pretty to look at and they’ll still save you money in the long run.

Plus this is an excellent recipe for a starter cook. It’s easy to make, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it’s extremely delicious. Enjoy!

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