Productive Rainy Afternoon

So in between retiring from High-Tech Corporate America and founding a business in High-End Specialty Foods. I had my own company, working as a professional organizer. I loved the work and my clients loved me. The only dissatisfied customer I ever had was my own son, James. He went away to university and when he returned his room was gorgeous and totally stunning. He was so deeply angered that, with the new layout for the rooms he would be so inconvenienced in having to walk into his bathroom to throw dirty socks in a HAMPER!!! We went on to have a long debate on how he is a perfectly normal human being and I am an uber victim of OCD and should really see a doctor and get some pills.

So yesterday it was raining with gigantic thunder, you know the kind of thunder that you feel when the earth vibrates under your feet. The power was going out and coming back on and so on…I thought this good time to take on a project. Ended up in the dark working by candle light. Cleaned my one and only Wisconsin kitchen drawer .


You’d be so proud of me I got rid of three chopsticks. Now I have so much room and I can easily find everything!!! Sarcasm!!!!!! Sometimes pairing down just won’t work, but drawer is nice and clean!

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