Storm of Biblical Proportions

Sorry it’s been over a week since we have written. Last Friday/Saturday we had an epic storm. We figure, conservatively, we lost over fifty trees on our two Wisconsin properties. Most of them missed the houses but managed to punch thru one sky-light and poked several holes in the garage roof. garage treegarage roof no tree.jpgThe weather service reported over twenty tornadoes and straight-line winds exceeding 80 miles and hour. Thousands of trees have been lost and most of northern Wisconsin was without power for five days or more. Once we got our driveways cleared, Jim set about clearing paths to other parts of our properties. Now we’re getting things cleaned up and the rest of the trees need the attention of  experts. We have a huge tree that is currently hung up in a grove of other trees.

Imagine if this tree had fallen on the house instead.

The tree is 60 or 70 tall and weight is in excess of two tons. Now the tricky part, if it’s not taken down correctly it will land on our house.

We lost everything in our freezer and refrigerator. It was weird we had just talked about buying a generator the day before the storm. Promised ourselves we would get one next time we were in town. It goes without saying, next day if a store was even open, all the generators were gone. Our problem is we talk about everything ad nauseum. Pros and Cons, Cons and Pros…yackety yak. We use to drive my poor, now deceased, mother crazy. Now we focus all our debates toward our wonderful son and foist the final deciding vote on his capable shoulders. He maintains his sanity by just shaking his head and walking away.  Smart Man!!!

Anyway we purchased a generator 1/2 day before the power came back. We were lucky enough to secure a hotel room. Somethings you just don’t ague about and a daily shower is one of them. The closest city to us with power was 45 miles away but clean sheets, breakfast, and an awesome shower was worth it.

So now our daily routine is wood hauling, loading truck with brush, unloading at the landfill and doing it over and over again. Only one sad aspect of this whole incident is the top of a tree that sits right at the lake’s edge was a favorite perching spot of a big American Eagle was sheered off and we won’t get to see him in the future.

There’s a driveway under there somewhere!

We’re happy that people here in Wisconsin are so capable and plucky no one got killed or seriously hurt and we’re talking about a lot of people. Also when they’re done at their properties, they walk down a neighbors driveway with their chainsaw and proceed to help. All the chainsaws are primed and ready to go at 8:00 sharp, branches are everywhere, logs are hauled, everyone stops for a sandwich and a beer and the work day is over at 5:00. This will go on and on until it’s cleaned up, no matter how long it takes.

Every now and then God tests us and when we respond with hard work, compassion, and caring, I think, he’s smiling right now.

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