Steak Salad

We had left-over tri-tip in the fridge. I decided to make a Steak Salad. We had everything in the fridge except the arugula, tomato and cucumber.

I made a simple vinaigrette dressing with Costco Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, some lemon juice, Dijon mustard, kosher salt and pepper. I suggest 3 parts oil to 1 part acid.

The elements of the salad were, baby arugula, green pepper, English cucumber, vine-ripened tomato, black olives, and blue cheese. I tossed these with the dressing. Then plated the salad. I added the sliced tri-tip, some more crumbled blue cheese and topped it with some pea shoots. You could add some red onion, or use green olives instead of black, but Laura does not like raw onion and she loves black olives.

It was warm here in Medford and we ate outside on our patio. It was perfect except I wished I had some day-old bread that I could have lightly fried in some olive oil for croutons as an added crunch factor.

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