Walk in the Park & Pizza

The weather has been wonderful so we’ve been out doing more than our share of walking and hiking. We decided to walk some of the Bear Creek Greenway a couple of days ago. The Bear Creek Greenway is a 20-mile, paved, multi-use trail that links the cities of Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, and Central Point all in the state of Oregon. We jumped on the trail in north Talent and walked south to the end at the Dog Park in Ashland. Of course we had to stop and watch the dogs play. As we were walking to the Dog Park a very small car pulled into a parking spot the driver was playing some beautiful 15th century chamber music. Hmmm…the driver didn’t look like the type of guy that would ordinarily dig music from that era. We complimented him on his selection while he was opening the hatch back of his car, he replied that it was Max’s favorite. What? Who’s Max?  It was was when Max stepped out of the car, the biggest Great Dane I have ever seen. He was huge and extremely elegant. Did I mention he also likes 15th French Chamber Music.


That evening Jim made home-made pizza. It’s all in the crust, we both like thin crust and just a little topping for the taste. We sat outside ate pizza, drank some wine, it was a lovely evening. All we needed was some 15th century Chamber music playing in the background.



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