El Molcajete North Phoenix Road Medford

There is a new Mexican restaurant near our home. After a Costco run, we decided to stop in and check it out. They have another restaurant on the other side of town, which we went to before but found their food somewhat salty. Thinking they may have a different chef at this new location, we gave it a shot. We first ordered beers: a Dos XX for me and a Modello Negra for Laura. They came with nicely chilled glasses and traditional lime wedge. Also a bowl of warm chips arrived with a small molcajete full of fresh salsa and some refried beans on a side dish. The salsa was delicious and the beans were a nice touch too. We decided to split a shredded beef taco and a cheese enchilada. The plate came with the usual rice and beans, plus a ton of shredded cheese, lettuce and tomato for the taco. They provided us with additional plates for sharing, but there was no charge for splitting the order. Even though we split the order we were unable to finish it all. Everything was very good, especially the shredded beef for the taco, very mildly seasoned and not salty. Our server Maria was fun and friendly as were all the employees. We will definitely be back. It is great to now have a good Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood.

BTW El Molcajete is the name for the rough stone mortar and pestle used to make salsa and guacamole among other things.81zIiX88dzL._SL1500_.jpg

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